The Late X

Latex Black Stockings.Skinny, thigh high, dipped latex stockings in black. Without shoes...


Black skin-tight boxer briefs with penis sleeve to enhance your masculine presence...


Black latex briefs with an inflatable plug, approx 12 cm long, when it's not inflated is 4 cm. Flat-..


Slim latex mini dress. Black...


Latex Mini Skirt

Simple tight-fitting, but nevertheless very elastic skirt...


Latex Simple Panties

Black and simple latex panties...


The Latex Gloves

Short black gloves for HIM and HER. Cast in anatomic shape...


The Latex Suspender Body

Dipped black latex lingerie top with four suspender straps. Circled stick-outs for the breast. No st..


The Latex Zip Shirt

Long black latex shirt with short sleeves and a zipper in the front to perfectly emphasise your curv..


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